Hytte V.O. st fr

with Luc Schiltz , Ingrid Liavaag , Mick Tock
Directed by Jean-Louis Schuller
Distributed by a_BAHN, Novak Prod, Les Films Fauves, Espera
Duration 75 Min
Genre Drama
Country Luxembourg, Belgique
Exit 2021
Public 12
Hytte Hytte

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Luc, a divorced man and father of a seven-year-old girl, is in the middle of setting up his apartment to have his daughter, Mira, live with him when he suddenly runs off to Svalbard, an archipelago near the North Pole. After a drunken night, Luc stumbles upon Mike, a stranger who lives in an isolated cabin in the Arctic desert. The two men start talking, but Mike mysteriously abandons Luc mid-conversation. Intrigued, Luc goes looking for him. Along the way, he meets Ingrid, a charming Norwegian teacher. After missing his flight home, Luc decides to stay with Ingrid and starts a new life on the island. But he is haunted by the encounter with the elusive tourist. Luc hunts a shadow, possibly his own.

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