Becoming Mona

Becoming Mona V.O. st fr & nl

with Tanya Zabarylo , Valentijn Dhaenens , Tom Vermeir , Wine Dierickx
Directed by Sabine Lubbe Bakker, Niels van Koevorden
Distributed by Submarine Film
Duration 100 Min
Genre Drama
Country Pays-Bas, Belgique
Exit 2020
Public 12
Becoming Mona Becoming Mona

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Mona is only nine years old when her mother dies in a car crash. When her father gets a new girlfriend, Mona makes the best of it, because she doesn't want this new family to fall apart. She does everything in her power to make it work, even at her own expense. Despite the bullying she experiences, she blossoms into a talented young artist, but years of repressing her feelings have impaired her emotionally, binding her to unhealthy relationships at work and at home. Still, there is a fierce, independent spirit that lies inside her, waiting to be liberated. Eventually, she will have to learn that life is what happens when you stop living for others and start living for yourself. An emotionally-charged tragicomic journey of courage, forgiveness and self-discovery, Becoming Mona tells a story in three parts of Mona's struggle to break free from the stifling constraints of a life lived in the service of other people's egos.

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Showtimes for Becoming Mona

Projection weeks : 4 weeks

Week of 5/12/2021 to 5/18/2021 Week of 5/19/2021 to 5/25/2021

Wednesday 12 17:00              
Thursday 13 17:00              
Friday 14 17:00              
Saturday 15 16:45              
Sunday 16 14:30              
Monday 17 17:00              
Tuesday 18 16:45              
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