An Zéro - Comment le Luxembourg a disparu

An Zéro - Comment le Luxembourg a disparu V.O. st fr

with Luc Schiltz , Fabienne Hollwege , Sophie Mousel , Joël Delsaut
Directed by Myriam Tonelotto, Julien Becker
Distributed by Skill Lab, NDR
Duration 90 Min
Genre Documentary / Portrait
Country Luxembourg, Allemagne
Exit 2021
Public 6
An Zéro - Comment le Luxembourg a disparu An Zéro - Comment le Luxembourg a disparu

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"Nuclear disaster." The words refer to Chernobyl, Fukushima. Each time, a portion of land is irradiated, contaminated and then evacuated. The worst, however, has not yet happened: the loss of an entire state. An entire economy. A whole culture, a language spoken only there. A reactor overheats, then explodes... and an entire state becomes a no-man's land. Literally evacuated from all its inhabitants, country of no one no more. This country is Luxembourg, threatened since 1986 by a French nuclear power plant located just beyond its borders: Cattenom. The third most powerful power plant in France, tenth in the world. Obstinately kept in operation by France despite a disturbingly long list of accidents. Where Denmark has secured the closure of the Swedish which threatened Copenhagen, Luxembourg seems helpless faced with the spectre of its own disappearance.

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Showtimes for An Zéro - Comment le Luxembourg a disparu

Projection weeks : 4 weeks

Week of 5/12/2021 to 5/18/2021 Week of 5/19/2021 to 5/25/2021

Wednesday 12 16:30 19:30            
Thursday 13 19:30              
Friday 14 19:30              
Saturday 15 19:30              
Sunday 16 19:30              
Monday 17 16:30 19:30            
Tuesday 18 19:30              
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