The Man Who Wanted to Fly

The Man Who Wanted to Fly V.O.

Réalisé par Frank Shouldice
Distribué par Loosehorse Productions
Durée 82 min
Genre Documentaire / Portrait
Pays Grande-Bretagne
Sortie 2018
Public NA
The Man Who Wanted to Fly The Man Who Wanted to Fly

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FR: (Malheureusement ce film n'a pas de synopsis en Français) - "Five years in the making, this is a story of never stopping believing in dreams. Bobby Coote, now in his 80s, left school at 13 and spends most of his time fixing clocks and making violins, but he has never lost sight of his lifelong dream to fly. He organises a runway in a field and builds a hangar. Now he must buy a plane with his life savings... all the time when his brother thinks the whole idea is mad. A fascinating insight into many layers of Irish rural life, but Bobby is determined to get airborne, despite many setbacks. The director will attend the projection for a post-screening Q&A."

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