NT Live: This House

NT Live: This House V.O.

Réalisé par James Graham
Durée 165 min
Genre Théâtre
Pays Grande Bretagne
Sortie 2013
Public 6
NT Live: This House NT Live: This House

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(Malheureusement ce film n'a pas de synopsis en Français) - It's 1974 and the corridors of Westminster ring with the sound of infighting and backbiting as Britain's political parties battle to change the future of the nation, whatever it takes. In this hung parliament, the ruling party holds on by a thread. Votes are won and lost by one, fist fights erupt in the bars, and ill MPs are hauled in to cast their votes. It's a time when a staggering number of politicians die, and age-old traditions and allegiances are thrown aside in the struggle for power.

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