Made in Vietnam

Made in Vietnam V.O. st fr

Avec Thi Vo , Daniel Nguyen , Kaleb Tekeste
Réalisé par Thi Vo
Durée 50 min
Genre Documentaire / Portrait
Pays Canada
Sortie 2017
Public EA
Made in Vietnam Made in Vietnam

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FR: (Malheureusement ce film n'a pas de synopsis en Français) - Thi Vo searches for his biological father in Vietnam after over three decades of separation. Thi Vo was a refugee escaping Vietnam with his mother when he was only a baby. Fleeing to Hong Kong where they later immigrated to Canada at the age of four. 30 years later, he had the desire to not only find his family whom he had never met, but to ultimately find his father and uncover the mystery of his background. In this emotional heart felt feature documentary, we follow Thi Vo and his friends into the heart Vietnam as they search all over the country for clues and connect with all sorts of people who help them along their way.

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