Kupi Menya

Kupi Menya V.O. st ang

Avec Yuliya Khlynina , Svetlana Ustinova , Anna Adamovich
Réalisé par Vadim Perelman
Produit par Aleksey Ageyev
Distribué par Art Pictures Studio, R-media
Durée 108 min
Genre Drame
Pays Russie
Sortie 2018
Public 16
Kupi Menya Kupi Menya

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FR: (Malheureusement ce film n'a pas de synopsis en Français) - Katya is a girl from a wealthy family who yearns for adventure. Keeping it secret from her mother she applies to a model agency and goes to Dubai to take part in a fashion show. But instead she finds herself in an international prostitution trafficking network. Katya takes it as a fun "vacation" and miraculously escapes problems with Arab sheikhs. In Emirates she meets Liza and they go back to Moscow together. Lisa and her roommate Galya are making their living by dating rich men and they let Katya stay with them in a small rented apartment.

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