Gypsy V.O. st ang

Avec Ján Mizigár , Martin Hangurbadzo , Martina Kotlárová , Attila Mokos
Réalisé par Martin Sulík
Durée 107 min
Genre Drame
Pays Slovaquie, Republique Tchèque
Sortie 2011
Public EA
Gypsy Gypsy

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The bruising life of a Roma teen takes on shades of Hamlet in this poignant and beautifully rendered humanist drama spliced with moments of magical realism. The story of 14-year-old Adam who, after the death of his father, tries to find his way in life, bears the typical traits of the stories of dozens of Roma adolescents who grew up in the poor settlements of Eastern Slovakia. Adam's responsibility as new head of the family, which he is prepared to assume at the cost of personal sacrifice, is taken away by a person for whom Adam has no respect. When everything he believed in collapses around him and he is left alone to struggle with evil, he simply cannot find a way out.

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