Friday, the 12th

Friday, the 12th V.O. st ang

Avec Nikita Visotsky , Sergey Medvedev , Anna Slynko , Michael Efremov
Réalisé par Vladimir Zajkin
Durée 87 min
Genre Drame
Pays Russie
Sortie 2009
Public EA
Friday, the 12th Friday, the 12th

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If the cop envies the maniac who brutally kills girls on Fridays, it means that something goes wrong in the city. If love starts with stabbing a fork in the neck of somebody, it means that something is wrong with love. If the owner of a brothel loves a cop, it means that the brothel is obviously neglected. Of course, it is not necessary to think about it. But Friday the 12th comes and blood flows again in the streets. Why does it not happen on Friday the 13th? Because it is a black comedy, of course.

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