Takeover - Voll vertauscht

Takeover - Voll vertauscht V.All.

with Heiko Lochmann , Roman Lochmann , Lisa-Marie Koroll , Kai Wiesinger
Directed by Florian Ross
Distributed by Pantaleon Films, Warner Bros. Film Productions Germany
Duration 87 Min
Genre Comedie
Country Allemagne
Exit 2020
Public EA
Takeover - Voll vertauscht Takeover - Voll vertauscht

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When Danny and Ludwig meet in a leisure park, they can hardly believe their eyes: not only do they look very similar, they are the same age. Their lives are otherwise very different, so the two boys decide to exchange places.

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Showtimes for Takeover - Voll vertauscht

Projection weeks : 13 weeks

Week of 9/23/2020 to 9/29/2020 Week of 9/30/2020 to 10/6/2020

Saturday 26 15:30              
Tuesday 29 15:30              
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