Radioactive V.Fran.

with Rosamund Pike , Sam Riley , Anna Taylor-Joy , Aneurin Barnard
Directed by Marjane Satrapi
Distributed by Working Title Films, Pioneer Stilking Films, Shoebox Films
Duration 103 Min
Genre Biopic
Country Grande-Bretagne, Hongrie
Exit 2019
Public EA
Radioactive Radioactive

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In the male-dominated society of late 19th century Paris, Marie is a fiercely passionate scientist, who struggles to progress her groundbreaking research, despite her obvious brilliance. After joining forces with fellow scientist and future husband, Pierre Curie, they take her exploration of radioactivity forward, discovering not one, but two new elements: radium and polonium. The genius of the Curie's discoveries leads them to win a Nobel prize in physics, making Marie the first female Nobel laureate. The prize propels the devoted couple into the international limelight, but after a tragic accident Marie must continue to advance her work alone. Her unwavering commitment to science and her work resulted in further revolutionary discoveries with dramatic consequences for the modern world.

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