Peitruss V.O. st fr & ang

with Peri Baumeister , Maarten Heijmans , Jules Werner , Anouk Wagener
Directed by Max Jacoby
Distributed by Samsa Film
Duration 92 Min
Genre Thriller
Country Luxembourg, Pays-Bas
Exit 2019
Public 16
Peitruss Peitruss

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Ever since she fell for the handsome and mysterious Joakim, life is good to Lara again. She's in a passionate relationship that takes her to heights she didn't even know existed. It makes her failed marriage to dull policeman Toni feel like a distant memory. But when Toni accuses Joakim of committing a string of unsolved murders that terrorise Luxembourg, Lara's world is turned upside down. While trying to prove Joakim's innocence, she begins to wonder if she truly knows the man she loves.

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