MET - Madama Butterfly

MET - Madama Butterfly V.O. st fr

with Pier Giorgio Morandi , Hui He , Elizabeth DeShong , Andrea Carè
Directed by Giacomo Puccini
Distributed by Metropolitan Opera
Duration 213 Min
Genre Opera
Country USA
Exit 2019
Public EA
MET - Madama Butterfly MET - Madama Butterfly

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In Nagasaki, Japan, Lieutenant Pinkerton of the U.S. Navy is engaged to marry Ciocio, who is called Butterfly. Althought Butterfly herself is ecstatic about her upcoming marriage, going so far as to convert to Christianity, Pinkerton feels no long-term commitment to her due to the ease with which divorces may be obtained in Japan. He has rented a house for them to live during his stay, which also becomes the location of their wedding ceremony. Though the ceremony is completed, Butterfly's uncle, a Buddhist monk, curses her for her conversion to Christianity and denounces her before the assembled guests, who turn their backs on her before leaving. Pinkerton and Butterfly ready to consummate their marriage that evening. Three years pass; Pinkerton left Japan shortly after their wedding night but Butterfly has remained hopeful for his return. An American consul, Sharpless, arrives at Butterfly's home to deliver a message from Pinkerton regarding his upcoming return to Japan. Butterfly's excitement prevents Sharpless from telling her the rest of the message, revealing that she has given birth to Pinkerton's child. Spotting his ship on the horizon, Butterfly awaits Pinkerton's arrival and does not sleep that night.

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