LCFF - Nemesis

LCFF - Nemesis V.O. st ang

with Milan Peschel
Directed by Thomas Imbach
Distributed by Okofilm Productions, Bachim Films
Duration 132 Min
Genre Documentary / Portrait
Country Suisse
Exit 2020
Public 16
LCFF - Nemesis LCFF - Nemesis

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The distinctive old freight station in Zürich once brought prosperity to the city. Its construction unleashed a flow of goods and opened Switzerland to the world. But 125 years later, this symbol of international exchange and movement is making way for control, isolation and national security. A new prison and police centre is slowly rising in its place, designed to accommodate people awaiting deportation. Shot entirely from his window, filmmaker Thomas Imbach observed the construction site for more than seven years, wringing life and beauty from the restless movement of machines and people that are reshaping the area. Fuelled by Imbach's consternation, and accompanied by his personal story and testimonies of newly arrived immigrants who made the arduous journey across the Mediterranean, only to be confronted by Europe's growing xenophobia, Nemesis probes how we deal with the extinction of history.

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