Effacer l'historique

Effacer l'historique V.Fran.

with Denis O'Hare , Benoît Poelvoorde , Corinne Masiero , Yolande Moreau
Directed by Benoît Delépine, Gustave Kervern
Distributed by Les Films du Worso, No Money Productions
Duration 106 Min
Genre Comedie
Country France, Belgique
Exit 2020
Public EA
Effacer l'historique Effacer l'historique

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In a provincial housing estate in France, three neighbours can't seem to get to grips with new technologies and social media. Mary has fallen victim to blackmail due to a sex tape of her that has been leaked online, Bertrand's daughter is being bullied at school and Christine, a cab driver, is seriously depressed that her clients' bad ratings refuse to improve. Together, they decide to strike back at the Internet giants. Basically, a lost cause.or is it?

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Showtimes for Effacer l'historique

Projection weeks : 8 weeks

Week of 10/14/2020 to 10/20/2020 Week of 10/21/2020 to 10/27/2020

Sunday 18 11:00              
Monday 19 11:00              
Tuesday 20 11:00              
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