Corpus Christi

Corpus Christi V.O. st fr & nl

with Bartosz Bielenia , Eliza Rycembel , Aleksandra Konieczna , Tomasz Zietek
Directed by Jan Komasa
Distributed by Aurum Film
Duration 116 Min
Genre Drama
Country Pologne, France
Exit 2019
Public 16
Corpus Christi Corpus Christi

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Daniel, a young guy with a piercing gaze, is engrossed in his faith and rejoices in singing religious songs. As it happens, he is also serving a sentence in a gruesome juvenile correctional facility. Despite his grim past, Daniel's ultimate desire is be to become a priest after leaving the penitentiary. However, it is not permitted for former convicts to enter the seminary under Catholic law. When after his release Daniel arrives in a secluded village where he is supposed to work at a sawmill, his fate changes and he is given a chance to pursue his crazy plan, helping the villagers to heal their wounds after a recent tragedy.

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