Canción sin nombre

Canción sin nombre V.O. st fr

with Pamela Mendoza , Tommy Párraga , Lucio A. Rojas , Maykol Hernandez
Directed by Melina León
Distributed by La Vida Misma Film
Duration 97 Min
Genre Drama
Country Pérou, Espagne, USA
Exit 2019
Public EA
Canción sin nombre Canción sin nombre

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Peru, 1988. Political crisis is at its peak when Georgina, a woman from the Andes, is expecting her first child. Living precariously, she hears a clinic's radio announcement offering free medical assistance to poor pregnant women. However, after childbirth, Georgina is being denied access to her baby and lead out of the clinic. The distraught mother frantically scours the city in search of her baby and for justice, but since the police are not taking her pleas seriously, she heads to a major newspaper where an investigative journalist, Pedro Campos, accepts to take up her cause, determined to uncover the truth. Soon, they discover that Georgina's situation is no exception.

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