Voyage dans la Préhistoire

Voyage dans la Préhistoire V.O. st fr

with Vladimír Bejval , Petr Herrmann , Jósef Lukás , Zdenek Husták
Directed by Karel Zeman
Produced by William Cayton
Distributed by Ceskoslovenský Státni Film, Filmové Studio Gottwaldov
Duration 93 Min
Genre Family
Country Tchécoslovaquie
Exit 1955
Public 6
Voyage dans la Préhistoire Voyage dans la Préhistoire

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The story involves four boys taking a rowboat along a "river of time" that flows into a mysterious cave and emerges on the other side onto a strange, primeval landscape - the Ice Age! As the young travellers make their way upstream, they realise that they are moving progressively further back in time, seeing in real life all those terrifying long-extinct creatures which, until then, they knew only from picture books. It is a breath-taking journey of many thrills, as well as a first-hand encounter with the prehistory of our world.

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