Putin's Witnesses

Putin's Witnesses V.O. st ang

with Vladimir Putin , Mikhail Gorbachev , Vitaliy Manskiy , Boris Yeltsin
Directed by Vitaly Mansky
Produced by Gabriela Bussmann
Distributed by Vertov SIA, GoldenEggProduction
Duration 102 Min
Genre Documentary / Portrait
Country Lettonie, Suisse, République tchèque
Exit 2018
Public 16
Official website Visit website
Putin's Witnesses Putin's Witnesses

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Ukraine-born documentary filmmaker Vitaly Manski used to make official profile films for Russia's state television. His work nowadays is anything but pleasing to the authorities, and his former insight not without importance. His latest film contains rare footage shot while working for the state television, and mixes archive footage with personal perspective (director's pensive voiceover and family footage), often requiring viewers to read between the lines. The events depicted in the film start on the last day of 1999, when Vladimir Putin addresses the nation as he becomes Russia's acting president, appointed by Yeltsin himself.

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