Gutland V.O. st fr

with Frederick Lau , Vicky Krieps , Marco Lorenzini , Pit Bukowski
Directed by Govinda Van Maele
Distributed by Les Films Fauves, Propellerfilm Berlin, Novak Prod
Duration 107 Min
Genre Drama / Thriller
Country Luxembourg, Allemagne, Belgique
Exit 2017
Public 16
Gutland Gutland

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Early one summer morning a young man, with a secret stashed away in a duffel bag, emerges from the forest. In a nearby village he asks around for work, but the farmers, suspicious to the point of hostility, are not very forthcoming. Only when Lucy, the mayor's unruly daughter, takes a liking to him, does the village change its attitude: he is promptly offered a job as a farmhand and a caravan to live in. As time passes and he is gradually integrated into the community, it emerges that he's not the only one with a past to hide. Something sinister is lurking under the immaculate surface of this picturesque little world - and it is slowly drawing him in.

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