Writing Home

Writing Home V.O.

Mit Tony Kelly , Caoimhe O'Malley , Geraldine McAlinden
Regie Nagham Abboud, Elekson L. Dell'Armellina
Produktion Mark Coffey
Verleih Filmbase
Dauer 90 Min
Genre Romantische Komödie
Land Irlande
Ausgang 2017
Altersfreigabe EA
Writing Home Writing Home

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Inhaltsangabe von

DE: (Leider gibt es für diesen Film keinen Filminhalt auf Deutsch) - A high-tempo Filmbase production part-financed by crowd-funding, based around a successful Irish writer in London who is called home as his father is on his deathbed. While there his presence opens old wounds and he finds it difficult to adjust to quiet small-town life. With a superb script from a first-time writer with a tremendous soundtrack. Shot in Rathgar and Carlingford, Co Louth, amongst other locations. The film had three co-directors (two female): one Lebanese, one Brazilian and one Mexican.

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